Clearfact Business Intelligence officiële partner van Ideal Analytics

Persbericht geplaatst door clearfact op 07-05-2012
Clearfact Business Intelligence officiële partner van Ideal Analytics
Clearfact Business Intelligence officiële partner van Ideal Analytics
Druten 7 Mei 2012
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Clearfact Business Intelligence uit Druten is de officiële partner in Nederland van Ideal Analytics. De partnerovereenkomst is getekend door Sanjoy Chatterjee, Board Director en CTO van Ideal Analytics en Leon Maas, eigenaar van Clearfact Business Intelligence.
Ideal Analytics Solutions is een Frans - Indiase joint venture en uitgever van Ideal Analytics, een software pakket voor Business Intelligence, Business Analytics en data visualisatie gericht op zowel grote ondernemingen als MKB. De gebruikersvriendelijke interface en directe ondersteuning van SaaS (Software as a Service) heeft Ideal Analytics in korte tijd tot een favoriet gemaakt bij bedrijven als, VMWare, Blackberry Europe en Fortis Hospitals.
Clearfact is een dienstverlener op het gebied van Business Intelligence, Business Analytics en data engineering. Naast Ideal Analytics biedt Clearfact ook diensten aan gebaseerd op de Pentaho Open Source BI Suite. Clearfact is gevestigd in het Gelderse Druten, centraal in Nederland.
“Ik ben ontzettend trots dat Ideal Analytics , een internationaal gerenommeerd bedrijf, Clearfact heeft uitgekozen tot eerste partner in Nederland. Het is een mooie aanvulling op het bestaande aanbod waardoor klanten nog beter bediend kunnen worden.” aldus Leon Maas, eigenaar van Clearfact.
Press release of Introduction of IDEAL-ANALYTICS in the Netherlands market through the initiative by “Clearfact Business Intelligence”
IDEAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS (P) Ltd. – An Indo-French joint initiative company is introducing their Flagship product solution –a Business Intelligence tool that had been conceived, designed and developed by considering the explicit and implicit requirements of the Business Analytics exigencies, culled from the main and future-looking concerned agencies in the European, US and Indian market. We now have a futuristic product that provides solutions to all the present issues in the Business analytics market and then provides solutions further up the near to mid-term future years.
IDEAL-ANALYTICS product-tool is a very smart and slick solution targeting the small to medium users who actually deal with medium to very high and complex data in their business endeavour. The complexities in the solution are very advanced and yet with its simple interface appears very simple to the users. Users can freely, at their own skill level plan their own analysis formulae and structure and can implement them without any dependency on external IT consultants. In terms of benchmarking, our product has paced way ahead of the big branded expensive and heavy-duty Business intelligence tools. We are faster, smarter and much more effective and of course much more cost-effective.
“Clearfact Business Intelligence” is a leading player in The Netherlands business intelligence solutions provider space and has a very strong network of Local and European talent whose sharing of knowledge and assistance is what we respect, honour and leverage upon. We are very appreciative of the association with Clearfact and that they represent us among the Business Intelligence community of The Netherlands.
IDEAL ANALYTICS and Clearfact combine from now on to offer the latest technology in the Business Analytics arena in collaboration with the huge interested and concerned business analyst community, to learn from this important market and to leverage our acquired knowledge and market wisdom to foreign markets within and outside the European limits.
We are looking forward to this introduction and would like to take our Dutch experience to higher levels of technological and business cooperation.
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