De ‘zachte’ items in de RI&E of RIE

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Every employer wants to satisfied employees. Satisfied employees perform better, are less ill and thereby help to ensure the growth of the company. Employers and HR managers try to create good working organizing staff parties and in many Dutch companies the employee will receive at the end of the year, a Christmas gift. These are all pleasant advantages at a job, but probably not the basic ingredients for happy employees.

Obtaining satisfaction and commitment to employees is not an easy recipe that can be used anywhere. You would assume since the past few years thousands of employee satisfaction (MTO) conducted in the Netherlands. This MTO's research is often done on pressure perception. You would expect that things like work and rest and deal with inappropriate behavior are included in the MTO. It is often claimed that if the MTO welfare part of the RI & E replaces. But according to the Health and Safety Act must be in the RI & E also pay close attention to the Psychosocial Work Stress (PSA).

In practice, however, the CPI focuses on the harsh working conditions matters and get the PSA risks, but limited to the order. One difference between the MTO and a RIE is that MTO is also often used as a benchmark. How satisfied are our employees compared to other companies in the same industry? Besides that it is fine except for the risk assessment, which, depending on the type of business sometimes takes place only once every five years, also to perform. An MTO So you get a good picture of how an organization experienced staff workload, what they think of the cooperation, the leadership of the organization, the culture in the company, working conditions and so on. Aspects which are relatively low is scored, be soon appointed as the spearhead. The question is whether that is actually the focal points for the company. Change experts indicates that in addition to satisfaction, employee engagement is at least as important if not more important. Passive satisfied employees are content with the way things are, but will not make it hard to improve work processes. By then frustrated employees, although unhappy, but they probably do feel concerned to improve. Organization and work processes

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