FutureCarbon and Gössl+Pfaff team to show innovative heating solutions at Composites Europe 2011

Persbericht geplaatst door FutureCarbon GmbH op 22-09-2011
FutureCarbon and Gössl+Pfaff team to show innovative heating solutions at Composites Europe 2011

FutureCarbon, Bayreuth-based producer of carbon supercomposites, and its south-German sales partner Gössl+Pfaff are jointly showing innovative solutions to heat composite components at this year's Composites Europe from 27 through 29 September 2011.

FutureCarbon is exhibiting together with its sales partner Gössl+Pfaff at Composites Europe 2011 in Stuttgart. Their joint attendance focuses on heating.

In Carbo e-Therm the two companies present an electrically conducting coating that is applied similarly to a paint for precisely heating very different materials and surfaces. A heating coating ideal for mold making and heating composite components, Carbo e-Therm can reach temperatures up to 600°C, is extremely energy-efficient and lightweight, plus it's fully independent of geometry in its application.

Accompanying themes are adhesion and sealing, impregnation and shielding. Here the FutureCarbon portfolio includes further high-tech materials based on carbon metamaterials: highly conductive adhesives and sealing compounds, electrically conducting impregnation as well as coatings as a shield against electromagnetic radiation.

If you'd like to meet us at Composites Europe 2011, the FutureCarbon and Gössl+Pfaff booth A10 is located in hall C2. You can also contact us beforehand (see below) to arrange a time and date to meet us, and we'll send you free admission tickets.

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About Gössl+Pfaff GmbH
Gössl+Pfaff, at home in Karlskron, specializes in the marketing and sales of resin-based materials, with 20 years of experience in the area of liquid resins and adhesives for applications in electronics, medical engineering, molding, ship and boat building and the commercial vehicle industry. The company is a sales partner of FutureCarbon on the German composites market.

About FutureCarbon GmbH
FutureCarbon specializes in the development and manufacture of carbon nanomaterials and their refinement into so called carbon supercomposites as primary products for industrial further processing. Carbon supercomposites are composite materials that evolve the special properties of carbon nanomaterials in the macroscopic world of real applications. All materials are manufactured on an industrial scale.

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